About Us

Founded by Murray Goldman in the 1950’s, the Goldman Group is a Toronto-based property development firm with a successful and experienced track record across the breadth of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Innovating Leadership & Inspired Vision

Goldman Group developments are uniquely unconventional. The firm’s position as stewards of building innovation is founded on its beliefs that daring to do what has not been done before is the truest way forward. Goldman Group leads by example to benefit partners and communities alike.

Right Time, Right Place

With experienced-based vision Goldman Group zeroes in on under-utilized sites in locations that are prime for extraordinary opportunities and selects the right partner to work with.

Right Partners

Over the six decades of innovative growth, Goldman Group has built and retained successful partnerships with a select group of equally focused companies.

Over 6 Decades of Commitment, Innovation and Growth

The Goldman Group’s focus and energies 60 plus years has been towards building over 100 intelligent, well planned and well-constructed projects. All of which function as envisioned, designed and built to benefit the communities that host them.