Real Estate Development

Our proven vision for developing properties, creates and unlocks value for all stakeholders.

Residential: To improve our neighbourhoods and cities by focusing on responsible urban development and supporting the basic human needs for shelter and safety that nurtures the growth of a strong community.

Commercial & Mixed Use: To redevelop, rebuild and revitalize properties to create increased opportunities for new businesses, new careers and community growth.

Industrial: Through construction management, we add value to the businesses and properties we invest in, subsequently promoting stronger local economy and improving industrial infrastructure.

We guide our vision through thoughtful stewardship that revitalizes different types of neighbourhoods and communities in need of improving their ability to function at the highest and best use possible.

The bench strength of Goldman Group is built on its people, its expertise and the reputation built over the past 6 decades under the continued leadership and guidance of Murray Goldman.

The extensive core foundation services in Municipal Planning, Construction Design, Management and Finance delivered through the combined human assets of the Goldman Group have been core to the success of the firms many projects and ventures. With a deep experience, understanding of and with Toronto’s municipal laws, policies, politics and decision makers, we have streamlined and simplified complex, lengthy processes.

Consistent with our long history of successful partnerships, building great, functional and integrated communities we actively seek out new collaborations. Working with new investors, builders and entrepreneurs, the Goldman Group has embraced a future plan of growth.